Beware of posting too much info on your Facebook profile

A new Experian study finds that more than half of adults age 45 and over post enough info on their Facebook page to open themselves to identity theft.

Meanwhile, more than a third of people of any age haven’t put any privacy settings in place on their Facebook accounts. For tips on how to adjust your settings for maximum privacy, see either the New York Times or

As a reminder, here’s a quick rundown of information you shouldn’t post on your Facebook page:

• Full home address
• Place of birth
• Phone numbers
• Educational background

And when it comes to passwords, be sure to use a strong password with both numbers and letters. PC Magazine recently compiled a list of the 10 most common passwords in the United States today. Do not use these on any of your accounts!

Finally, when you’re on a trip, be sure to wait until you get home to post any updates or pictures online. Burglars will monitor their marks on social networks to figure out when nobody is going to be home.


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