Mock Crash will reach nearly 1000 teens!

   Montpelier, OH  (March 11, 2010) – At 9:30 am on Wednesday, April 7, 2010, the grandstand area of the Williams County Fairgrounds in Montpelier, OH will be transformed into an automobile crash site for nearly 1000 area high school students.  The Mock Crash is a project of the Williams County Safe Communities Coalition.  It is being staged to bring the hazards of distracted driving to life for students and parents from Bryan, Edon, Edgerton, Montpelier, North Central, Stryker, and Hilltop High Schools.
  Prom and graduation has arrived.  Distracted driving causes crashes and sometimes death.  Accidents caused by cell phone use, texting, eating, changing radio stations, talking with friends that are passengers while driving are on the increase in recent years.  The concept of doing a Mock Crash is to show in real terms what teens may have difficulty visualizing.  Motor vehicle crashes are not like they appear in the movies or on TV, but are dirty, bloody, noisy and painful.
  Almost one-fourth of all people killed in car crashes are between the ages of 16 and 20 years of age.  For every eight drivers 17 years of age that are killed as a result of a car crash, twelve passengers die.  In Williams County, statistics show us that traffic crashes are the number one cause of injury deaths year after year.  Also, Williams county drivers 16-20 years of age are involved in almost twice as many crashes as any other age group.
  A number of different groups are joining the Williams County Safe Communities Coalition to stage the event.  Law enforcement officers from the Sheriff’s Office, State Highway Patrol, Montpelier and other village police departments, as well as the Williams County EMS, Montpelier Fire Department, Ohio Department of Transportation, Thompson Funeral Home, and the Williams County Health Department personnel.  Student representatives from several of the area school districts will be participating in the skit with each county school district providing transportation for their students.
  The public is welcome to attend.  The Ohio Department of Public Safety and NHTSA fund the Safe Communities Coalition activities.  For more information on this event or on the Safe Communities Coalition, please call Linda Earle at the Williams County Health Department, 419-485-3141, ext. 128.


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