Young adults are biggest target for identity theft

  A new study by Javelin Strategy and Research finds that the No. 1 target for identity theft is people aged 18-24. As a group, this digitally connected demo is too trusting and cavalier for its own good. They tend to put details of their life out on the web repeatedly with few safeguards. And they tend to move a lot and be in different career and educational settings, which makes tracking down a breach difficult.
  Here’s another interesting stat: On average, it takes an older person about a month and a half to figure out their identity has been stolen. Someone in the 18-24 age group, however, may go four and a half months before they discover it.
  Do you know how much damage a criminal can do to you in four and a half months?! We’re not talking about isolated instances here, either. Last year, there were over 11 million victims of identity theft. More disturbing is that fact that people often don’t know how their identity was compromised, thus making it tough to seal the leaks.
  Some of the most common ways people have their identity stolen include phishing scams and keylogger programs. With the keyloggers, people tend to lose an average of $5,000 from their personal accounts.
  So if you’re 18-24, know that you are a target. Be careful on social networking sites with how much info you post about yourself. If you bank online, monitor your accounts as often as possible. And be sure to balance your checkbook at least once a month. After 60 days, you lose your right to reclaim any money you’ve lost.
  Information from Clark Howard web site.


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