Bryan Day In The Park is on Saturday June 23, 2012 between 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. followed by the fireworks at dark.

GPS information: 

Day in Park use the intersections of Mayberry and Newdale Drive 

Fireworks are shot off behind the Bryan Middle School 1301 Center Street

After the fireworks traffic will be sent the following directions

Middle School Lot west drive: traffic will exit onto County Road 13. Traffic will proceed south (left) to County Road C. Traffic will be allowed to continue south on County Road 13 or east on Fountain Grove Road. No traffic will be allowed to exit northbound toward Center Street.

Middle School Lot north drive: (Greystone and Center) Traffic exiting this location will be directed west (left) to County Road 12C (Center Street) and Townline. Traffic may continue west on 12C or turn north onto Townline. No traffic will be allowed to turn east (right) onto Center Street. 

Center and Townline: Traffic will go west on 12C or north onto Townline Road.

Markey and Fountain Grove: Traffic will go east only

Main and South: traffic will go east or south only 

Goodwill Parking Lot: Traffic exiting Goodwill lot will be directed south only

South Main and Fountain Grove: Traffic will be directed south only

Mayberry and Center: Traffic will be allowed to only go south onto Markey Drive

Traffic exiting grass parking area on the south side of park onto Center Street: traffic will be directed to go east only onto Center Street

Oakwood and Newdale: west to Townline or John Street, East to Avenue B or north on Newdale Drive

McDonald Ruff Ice rink: traffic exiting onto Townline will go north only.

At 9:00 p.m. NO TRAFFIC will be allowed on Fountain Grove between Markey and County Road 13.

After the fireworks please drive very carefully due to heavy pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Also be aware of officers directing traffic in the intersections.  

Fireworks traffic flow map


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