National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week is April 13-19, 2014.


Most of us take police, fire and emergency dispatchers for granted, unless, of course, you have reason to call 911. At that very moment, the dispatcher becomes the most important person in the world, and your lifeline to safety and help.

These public safety professionals are there for the American public when needed most. They answer 9-1-1 calls and ensure that callers receive professional and timely assistance and quickly get the help they need.

Telecommunicators Week began in California in 1981, and quickly grew to national recognition. In 1990, Congress designated the second full week of each April as a time to remember the critical role that dispatchers play in keeping us all safe.

The job of a Public Safety Dispatcher has evolved considerably over the last half-century. The early days where an officer or clerk might have simply answered the phone, relayed calls over a console radio, and kept a paper log have given way to a highly technical, multi-tasking environment that requires dispatchers to undergo extensive training and develop a strong skill set.

Dispatchers are expected to handle whatever calls for help come in, whenever they come in… whether it’s a major emergency or a minor problem. They do this while providing simultaneous radio exchanges with field units and tracking everything using multiple computer systems.

The Bryan Police Department would like to thank not only our dispatchers but all emergency service dispatchers for the work you do.


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